Our Speciality

The RM GROUP specializes in locating, purchasing and managing real estate investments in Israel and abroad. Our global vision, combined with the understanding and experience we have gained in the field, enables us to offer a portfolio of investment opportunities along private and group tracks. The group and its investors are accompanied by the best experts in the field, including the law firm of Markovich - Cohen and the office of Abraham Lalum, deputy chairman of the Israeli Bar Association. Our pool of investors includes over hundreds of investors, who enjoy peace of mind when it comes to investing. Our goal is to find the most appropriate investment for them and to maximize their personal wealth in the safest and best possible way.

RM GROUP מחזיקה כיום למעלה מ – 1200 נכסים באזורי ביקוש גבוהים מאוד בארה”ב וזנזיבר. הקבוצה בארה”ב משקיעה בנכסים ביעדים יוסטון, שיקגו, ברוקלין, ג’קסונוויל וקליבלנד. בזנזיבר נבנה בימים אלו פרויקט יזמות יחיד מסוגו- בניית מלון יוקרתי ברצועת חוף פופולרית מאוד באי המאפשרת למשקיעים לרכוש יחידה במלון בבעלותם המלאה.

We provide a broad management package to all our investors, including full support in locating and acquiring assets, ongoing care and asset maintenance, finding tenants and distributing profits until the realization of the investment. The assets are managed by the company through an extensive logistical, legal and financial management system that includes the best professionals and business partners in the industry.

We believe that investors are our most valuable asset which is why we offer and implement Total Management of the investment money, such that once the contract is signed, the investor need not spend a lot of time and thought over the property, administrative issues, execution of payment or anything else. We do everything we can to ensure a return on their investment together with peace of mind, enabling them to enjoy their daily lives.