Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

מנהטןמנהטן 3השקעה בברוקליןבנייןבית וגשר rm

Property Type

Residential building

Minimum investment

80,000 $

Expectancy of selling

24 months


584 Leonard Street, Brooklyn, NY


  • Prime location – the sought-after Greenpoint neighborhood in Brooklyn
  • Partnership in an entrepreneurial project from start to finish
  • Significantly high profit potential as a result of the improvement process and asset value increase
  • Banking leverage for investment money
  • A project for only 24 months
  • Experienced local partner

About the project

Purchase of 3-storey residential building, renovation, improvement and sale only after about 24 months

The project in numbers

  • Average home price in the neighborhood: $ 1.36 million
  • High average annual household income: 80,000$
  • Average rental price: 3146$
  • Percentage of academics in the neighborhood with a master's degree or higher: 23%