Rittenhouse Houston,TX

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Property Type


Minimum investment

60,000 $

Expectancy of selling

About 3 years


Rittenhouse 176 , Northline,Houston


  • A very desirable residential neighborhood - 92% rental occupancy and very high growth potential
  • An American partner with over a decade of experience in construction in Houston who has about 8 similar projects in the neighborhood, commits to punctuality and fines if there are exceptions, a partner himself in the project.
  • Expectancy to sell the property and finish the project in about 3 years with exceptionally high profit potential

About the project

Acquisition of land, planning and construction of about 85 cottages and selling them on completion of construction with anticipated significant capital gain

The project in numbers

  • Ground area: 5.11 acres (about 20,678 square meters)
  • Number of properties: about 85
  • Average area of the property: about 1500 SQF (about 140 square meters)
  • Estimated time to receive all building permits: one year
  • Estimated start date: one year from the closing date
  • Estimated Date for Sample Apartment Preparation: 5 Months from Construction