Mansfield, Houston, TX

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Property Type

Construction of 60 two-story villas

Minimum investment

100,000 $

Expectancy of selling

30 months


Mansfield st 1205 , Houston, Texas 77091


  • A fifth RM project in Houston
  • Prime location - in the sought-after Acres Homes neighborhood
  • A strong and experienced local partner
  • Significant profit potential as a result of the improvement process
  • Leverage of investment through bank financing
  • Full identity of interest between investors, RM and US partner
  • Only 30-month short term investment!

About the project

Acquisition of land in permits, construction of 60 two-story villas and selling them while under construction and up to 30 months from start of the project.

The project in numbers

  • Houston metropolis: the fourth largest city in the US
  • Real estate prices: 4% Rise in 2019
  • Positive immigration to the city: among the highest in the US - 10.4%
  • Maritime Port: One of the largest in the world, ranked first in the United States in international cargo transportation
  • Strong Economy: Ranked third in the "500 Fortune" list