Property Type

Hotel construction

Minimum investment

150,000 $

Expectancy of selling

6 years


Pongwe Beach, Zanzibar


  • Prime location - the sought after Pongwa beach
  • There is a significant shortage of vacation units due to a steady 28% yearly increase in tourism, compared to a 5% increase in new units built there.
  • High capital gain potential, both from joining the investment during the construction phase and from the current return due to the gap between low construction and operating costs and high western hotel prices
  • Tax exemption in Zanzibar on earnings for the first 5 years of investment

About the project

A unique combination of both entrepreneurial and revenue-generating project. Acquisition of land, construction of a hotel, ongoing management by a local company, receiving a regular return on total revenues quarterly.

The project in numbers

  • Island population: 1.4 million
  • Average annual increase in tourists entering the island: 28%
  • The number of tourists entering the island in 2018: 545,000
  • Average length of stay for a tourist in days: 4.5
  • Rooms available on the island: 8,400
  • Average island occupancy: 79%