Tribeca, Manhattan, NY

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Property Type

Purchase of 4 existing buildings and land, improvement and sale

Minimum investment

100,000 $

Expectancy of selling

3-4 years


70-74 Warren St & 84-88 West Broadway,NY


  • Winning location - the most sought-after neighborhood in the world
  • A strong and experienced local partner
  • Significant profit potential as a result of the improvement process
  • Leverage of investment through bank financing
  • Full identity of interest between investors, RM and US partner
  • Short investment term – only 3-4 years!

About the project

The project includes the purchase of 4 existing buildings and land, upgrading them and selling them at a very high profit potential, after about 3-4 years

The project in numbers

  • Average apartment price in the neighborhood: 4,500,000 $
  • Education: More than 120 institutions of higher education, including the distinguished University of New York City
  • The rental market: An apartment is rented in just a few hours, due to the high demand in the area vs the low supply
  • Culture and leisure: unique art galleries, hotels, restaurants and high-quality cafes