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RM GROUP is a global investment and real estate company. The company, founded about ten years ago, focuses on the acquisition, management and improvement of properties in Israel, has grown into a company that currently manages investments in various destinations around the world for more than 1,600 investors. The company’s impressive success in asset management is due to the management method of Matan Pertman and Ran Harel, the company’s founders and owners. They present a different approach to investor relations.

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Initiating a new real estate project


Multi Smart is a track that brings together a group of investors to buy a group of rental properties

Multi Family

Multi Family is a group investment track in an apartment complex in the US

Investment Strategy

Since its establishment, the RM GROUP has been operating on very clear investment principles and a model for successfully analyzing and maximizing investments over the years. The model was created by Ran Harel and Matan Pertman based on their hands-on real estate investment experience in Israel and worldwide.


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