Investment Strategy

Conservative planning and responsible risk management

We apply a disciplined real estate investment approach, identifying attractive opportunities with significant potential, on the one hand, and robust protection on the other. We conduct meticulous due diligence, apply conservative assumptions and meticulously examine the weaknesses before purchasing a property.


We operate a disciplined real estate investment approach that identifies attractive opportunities with significant potential on the one hand and strong defenses on the other. We use strict due diligence, conservative assumptions and a careful assessment of vulnerabilities before purchasing a property


We focus on investments in demand zones in the center of large and major cities. Investing in strong socio-economic neighborhoods.

Realizing exceptional opportunities

Seizing opportunities and improving terms reflecting uncertainty. Purchasing structures and land in demand zones at below market prices with significant improvement potential.

Working with the best while maintaining common interests

We believe in the importance of the human factor in investments. Therefore, we will choose to work with the best in terms of professionalism and values. We will also be sure to maintain common interests for all factors of the transaction.

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