RM GROUP currently operates in the United States, Greece and Zanzibar, constantly searching for unique real estate opportunities in other countries. This while maintaining the group’s business model and principles. We see great importance in the continued development of the group and the creation of new investment channels for our clients, as well as in investing in real estate entrepreneurship as an integral part of our natural development.

invest in the United States

In trying to get a return on our money after years of hard work and accumulating savings, we turn to various avenues. The most conservative and popular investment channel for investors in Israel has been and still is real estate. Due to rising prices in Israel in recent years, very low returns on financial assets, savings plans and pensions as well as erosion and instability in the capital market, the alternative remains real estate in overseas markets offering low entry levels and high yield potential, ensuring stable passive income throughout the year and additional profit from their sale at the end of the investment period.

Ran Harel: “Our generation doesn’t think about its financial future but lives for the “here and now”. If a 30-year-old prefers to fly with friends for skiing in winter and to Greece in summer, and that’s where all his savings go – he’s in trouble. People don’t know where they want to be in five years”.


Greece - From crisis to opportunity

The economic crisis in 2008 hit Greece significantly, unemployment peaked at 28% and real estate prices fell for a decade until reaching the bottom in 2018 after falling by over 40%.

In light of the difficult situation in the country, economic reforms led by Greek Prime Minister Kyarkos Mitsotkis from the new right-wing party which improve the entire Greek system and growth in the country, reforms which include, tax cuts, investor benefits, infrastructure investment (Piraeus port and old airport).


In recent years Zanzibar has long become a favorite tourist destination for tourists from around the world and for Israelis in particular. The island has not yet evolved in terms of tourism infrastructure and this is exactly where we see an extraordinary opportunity for real estate entrepreneurs and investors. The island has had an average annual increase of 28% in inbound tourism since 2013 creating a shortage of vacant hotel rooms, so the government is encouraging foreign investments and has established the ZIPA organization that accompanies foreign investors on the island.

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